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You Won’t Get This Facts When You Purchase a Laser Printer

There is no doubt that printers are a necessity in the home or office. But some half-truths don’t make it in the catalog. Customers either discover these half-truths through timely experience or hard experience. It’s not like the manufacturer lies about toner cartridges, but they do not tell you that they are more expensive than the printer itself.

From all angles, this does not make much sense if you think about it! But it’s the plain truth, albeit, presented in half-heartedness expressions. Whereas it might seem illogical to any consumer out there, it’s not so much for the printer manufacturers.

The idea is quite simple: Keep the printer prices as low as possible and get them when they plan to buy replacements toner cartridges. Ideally, if a customer is satisfied by a particular brand, they’d want to purchase a toner cartridge from them. But it is always a surprise for them when they discover that a seemingly light plastic filled with powder is more expensive than the printer!

Printer manufacturers make more money selling toner cartridges than they do selling printers. For that reason, Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) toner cartridges prices will always remain high!

Then most printer customers are not even aware that alternatives exist. These alternatives come in the form of remanufactured and compatible toner cartridges. But that’s not the only reason that toner cartridges are more expensive. The plastic container and powder are much more than what we see.

The printing industry has a long history that has grown to be more complex as we dive further into the millennium. Modern-day printers are more automated and dynamic than those from yesteryears. Printers were even larger in the past but they have designed smaller ones for use at a small office or home. In the past, the printers were so complex that you needed a qualified technician to come and replace a simple toner.

So many of the parts of the printer that are now connected to the printer could only be replaced by a technician. The printers have been designed in a way that those parts can be easily replaced or changed by a regular person. These parts include the toner cartridges components. The redesigning process comes with a price. Creating such a simplified plastic housed toner has stopped the need for technicians to replace such components.

As stated earlier, the printer manufacturer will not tell you how much it costs to maintain the printer. In addition to the toner cartridges, you will find that some printers have a photoconductor drum cartridge that needs to be replaced regularly. If you are lucky you get to purchase a printer that comes with a manual for installing or replacing some of the components. However, some printers still require the services of a technician to open up the printer and fit the necessary components.

Before you purchase a printer you need to estimate the cost of maintaining that printer over its lifetime. You need to calculate the costs of replacing some printer parts.

You should expect to replace the following parts throughout the printer’s life; Toner cartridges, Fuser assembly, Paper Pick up and feed rollers, and transfer assembly. You should even calculate the cost of installations if they do not have a guide. You should also figure out the life expectancy of the aforementioned parts.

The expected paper copies by a large office machine are more than those of a small machine. If it seems like a lot of work, you can request the salesperson to provide all these details for you. You should avoid simply making a purchase decision of the printer.

You can either choose to purchase the high-cost toner cartridges or buy compatible toner cartridges. Compatible toners such as Brother DCP-L2550DW toner have always been the best options. If you are overpowered by brand loyalty, you can simply hope that competition among the printer brands will bring prices down.

Also, it’s good to note that the remanufactured toner cartridges have advanced over the years. They get high-quality parts that they inadvertently use to create replacement toners. If you need to save more, you can choose them over the compatible toners.

The compatible toners are set on the same standards the OEMs are set on. They are international quality standards that are backed by a warranty for a particular period. The idea is to purchase the toner cartridges from a well-known and trusted seller.

Earlier on, the market was hit by low quality remanufactured and compatible toner cartridges. However, 95% of the industry players have upped their game and are releasing considerably desirable products that most consumers will be happy with.

The bottom line is that you need to calculate all the costs when buying a printer then look out for cheap aftermarket sellers for affordable toner cartridges. You will save up to 60% of the original toner if you buy the alternative options.

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